At ProScan, we specialize in sports injuries. We are the official radiology group for the Cincinnati Bengals, with an imaging center located inside Paul Brown stadium! The Red Wings, Bengals and the U.S. Ski Team are just a few of the sports organizations we read for. We review lots of MRI sports injury cases.

If you read MRI, or want to read more of it, chances are you see a lot of sports injuries, too!

I'm going to share a case with you of another athlete we saw recently who had a finger injury. I'd like for you to pause and try to guess the sport before you look at my findings. It's a 35-year-old male with middle finger pain.

What is the injury? Which subtype or location specifically? What is most common “one” to tear? What is the most likely sport to cause this?


did you think about it?


hint: it's not a football, hockey player or skier



  • Pulley tear, middle finger (arrows) and tendon sags towards palm or volarly.
  • A2 pulley at proximal third of proximal phalanx is injury.
  • A2 is most common to tear.

The most likely sport? Rock climbing!

Hope you enjoyed the case review. If you need to brush up on your hand injuries, check out our Medical Imaging Quick Hits, where we go through several hand cases in detail. For a more thorough hand review, complete with several cases and 2 CME, I'd recommend our MRI Case Review Series.

More to come!


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