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Case Challenge: Spine MRI Cases

Spine MRI Case Challenge Pre-Course Activities
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Emergency Neuroimaging: Head, Neck & Spine

David Yousem MBA, MD
David M Yousem, MBA, MD
Professor of Radiology, Vice Chairman and Associate Dean

Dr. Yousem has developed a comprehensive Emergency Neuroimaging Training Series to help radiologists prepare to be “on call” for emergency departments. The series is organized into 2 courses (Brain and Head, Neck & Spine) and includes:

  • 80 full DICOM cases; each with a Gold Standard report
  • 12-hour course broken down into 83 cases with expert discussion
  • to learn at your own pace
  • Quiz explanations with references and links for further reading
  • 350 slides in PowerPoint format to download
  • and save for ongoing reference

The Emergency Neuroimaging Head, Neck & Spine course provides learners case-based instruction surrounding the 6 most common head, neck & spine clinical presentations in the ED and discusses the most likely diagnoses they may represent. 

Clinical scenarios include:

  • Orbital Trauma/Inflammation
  • Facial/Neck Trauma
  • Sore Throat Pain & Fever
  • Mass in the Neck
  • Cervical Spine Trauma
  • Fever, Back Pain

The course is designed to test your knowledge of emergency diagnoses in the head, neck & spine through a series of quizzes and questions. Video explanations are provided for each entity as well as DICOM cases and reports.

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Emergency Neuroimaging: Head, Neck & Spine

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The Emergency Neuroimaging courses are part of the MRI Online Training series product. If you would like to learn more about how to purchase access to this series, contact us today.


Case Challenge: Spine MRI Cases

Case Challenge

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