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Remote Fellowship – Foot & Ankle Fundamentals – 11/2/2020

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Lesson 2, Topic 1

Week 1 – Cases – Due by Sunday 11/8/20 by 11:59 PM ET

Below is a list of the cases that you will review this week. When you are ready to view cases and write and submit all your reports, please scroll down to the bottom of the screen to view instructions.

NOTE: It is imperative that when you are viewing any case studies that you log in with this URL here: to view your studies and the emails for the week will be linked to this URL.  

You have to use this URL specifically to view case studies. Please do not type in a search engine (ie google, yahoo, etc) the word Ambra because it will link you to the general Ambra page. This will not work.

Case 1 – MRIO0000518

History: 72-year-old man patient complaining of pain and swelling in the Achilles area for 9 months.

Case 2 – MRIO0000519

History: 12-year-old girl with severe left heel pain and swelling after jumping and landing on her heel 10 weeks prior.

Case 3 – MRIO0000520

History: 45-year-old woman who injured her left 2nd toe 6 months prior, now complaining of pain in the same toe.

Case 4 – MRIO0000521

History: 62-year-old man with pain in the right midfoot.

Case 5 – MRIO0000538

History: 59-year-old woman with previous plantar fasciitis, complaining of right ankle pain for 2 months.

Download an example of the PDF below that you should use of an Ideal “Findings” and “Conclusions” submitted for the Foot and Ankle:

Here are instructions on how to submit reports:

  1. Scroll down below to complete the form, enter all required fields, and submit all of your reports in one submission. You do need to submit all 5 case reports at one time.
  2. Please include the terminology “Findings” and “Conclusions” in the case report. It is imperative that you list all “Findings” and “Conclusions” in a bulleted format.
  3. Once you hit “next”, you will repeat for each case for that week.
  4. After you complete “Findings and Reports” for case 5, you will need to click “Mark Complete” at the top left corner of your screen.