Interactive Online MRI Courses Taught by Expert Radiologists

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Who are these courses designed for?

Radiologists using MRI. (If you are a Technologist looking for online education, visit our partners Pulse Radiology.)

MRI Online is for radiologists looking to improve their practice of MRI, with a special focus on MSK, Neuro and Body Imaging. MRI Online has hundreds of hours of lectures and case reviews, designed for radiologists in residency, just starting out with MRI, all the way up to experienced attending radiologists interested in taking on a new focus area (like small joints), improving their accuracy or just seeing a high volume of challenging and interesting cases. Unsure where to start? Tell us about yourself and your educational needs via chat or email ( and someone from our team will help you pick the right course to get started.

How do I gain access to the courses on MRI Online?

All courses are available to MRI Online Premium members for a subscription fee. To see pricing, head on over to our membership page.

Does MRI Online offer CME?

With an MRI Online Premium membership, you can claim an unlimited amount of CME. We currently have 400+ hours of CME available and add more every day. Nearly every lecture and case review can be used to claim AMA Category 1 CME credits.

How much CME is available? And how do I earn/claim CME?

Our Mastery Series, Power Packs and Courses on Demand (recordings from live lectures) offer CME credit after completing a Needs Assessment Survey, a pre-test and a CME post-test. You can identify CME tests on the Curriculum page of each course with this badge:

Different courses offer different CME credits, you can find information on earning CME and the most up-to-date list of CME available on our CME Page.

Monthly, 1-year Annual and 2-year Annual Premium Members have unlimited access to all of our courses and CME during their membership.

Do you have discounts available?


  • Military
  • Groups (includes resident/fellowship programs, hospitals and practices)

Email to discuss.

I am having trouble loading videos and getting the web viewer to load?

MRI Online works best using the Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. MRI online will not work on Internet Explorer.

On a Smartphone or Tablet, the built in Chrome and Safari browsers will work just fine.

How do I stack, window/level, change layouts and more using the Web Viewer?

Visit our “How to Guide” on using our viewer.

How do I access the courses?

These courses are online-only and available to MRI Online Premium members. They can be accessed via phone, tablet or browser. For best results, we recommend using the Chrome or Firefox Internet browser. Having technical difficulties? Chat with us!

What types of courses do you offer?

We have four types of courses:

  • Mastery Series courses – Course are organized by topic (e.g. Ankle, Prostate) and are comprised of dozens of short, 5-10 minute vignettes. Interactive learning format — watch as Dr. Pomeranz reads cases and draws anatomy. Covers anatomy, protocols and case review. Perfect for the busy radiologist.
  • Professional Lecture Series – In-depth, didactic courses utilizing Power Point slides. Longer-format, most lectures are more than an hour. These courses are ideal for radiologist looking for fundamentals and full coverage of pathology. Example: Neuro Professional Series (46 hours!)
  • Courses on Demand – Replays of our live, multi-day conferences. See our Australia Ortho Case Review and Neuro Case Review with over 30 hours of lecture and 150+ cases reviewed.
  • Power Packs – Each Power Packs includes teaching cases on a specific topic. With a history, a challenge question and access to our interactive mobile case viewer — you are now placed in the hot seat. This is the best way to test your knowledge, see a large volume of MRI cases and improve your skills. Examples: Knee, Spine.
What if I am unhappy with the course? Do you have a cancellation policy?

Cancel anytime. With a monthly or annual subscription, you can cancel at anytime and will continue to have access to the course for the remaining duration of subscription you purchased. In addition, if you are unhappy for any reason, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

BUT you are going to love it! We think you are going to be really happy with the course. Don’t take our word from it, these are real testimonials from current MRI Online customers.