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"Dr. Pomeranz is an incredible teacher — seeing how an MSK expert approaches and reads each study has been immensely valuable for me. I increased my speed and confidence in MSK very quickly. I highly recommend this course"

Dr. David Downs

MSK subspecialist, Springfield, IL, USA

In this free course, experience learning directly from Dr. Pomeranz online as we walk you through the MSK courses available on MRI Online.

We'll start with Mastery Courses: covering Anatomy, Protocols & Sequences and Case Review video courses.

You'll also be able to review cases on your own in our Power Packs using the DICOM web viewer, and earn 2 CME upon completion.

Cases Reviewed in Power Packs

  • Knee - History: 54-year-old male presents with right knee pain
  • Shoulder - History: 10-year-old female presents with right scapular mass and pain
  • Elbow - History: 15-year-old male with elbow pain for two months
  • Ankle - History: 43-year-old female with ankle pain and paresthesia
  • Hip - History: 20-year-old female presents with hip pain

Course Curriculum

Your Instructor

Dr. Stephen J. Pomeranz
Dr. Stephen J. Pomeranz

A renowned diagnostic radiologist, Dr. P has expertise in MRI and advanced imaging and has interpreted more than 1,000,000 MRI exams in his career— including more than 100,000 neuro MRI cases.

Dr. Pomeranz is a noted educator who has taught physicians for over two decades, authored numerous medical textbooks in MRI and CT and trains fellows in MRI and advanced imaging.

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"The taste of your MSK expertise and passion totally inspired me to reach for a new level. I cannot wait to improve incrementally as my learning continues."

Dr. Pam Caslowitz

Diagnostic radiologist, Florida, USA