Test Your MRI Skills With Remote Fellowships

Ideal for busy Radiologists. 12-week virtual fellowships that deliver new understanding, speed and confidence in Neuro, MSK and Body MRI. Participate from anywhere in the world, no travel required, just hard work.

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Personalized Curriculum

Customized case list based on your skill-level and needs

Read and Report Cases

Practice with real, anonymous cases on our PACS system. Write and submit full radiology reports

Personalized Feedback

Each case is reviewed by the ProScan team of fellowship-trained radiologists who provide a grade and personalized feedback

MSK MRI Basics
Remote Fellowship

The MSK Basics Remote Fellowship is designed for the General Radiologist who wants to take on more MSK MRI in their practice

  • 12 Week Training Program

  • 60 MSK MRI Cases (5/week)

  • ACCME Accredited for 30 CME

  • MRI Online Premium Annual Membership

  • Completed MRI Mastery Series: Knee, Shoulder

Course Curriculum
  • 15 Shoulder Cases

  • 15 Knee Cases

  • 20 Other (Ankle, Foot, Hand, Hip, TMJ, Wrist and more)

  • $7,200

  • $120 per Case, 60 Cases

  • Discounts available for groups

Prostate MRI Basics
Remote Fellowship

Report on 50 Prostate Cases – all overread by Dr. Pomeranz and the ProScan Radiology team – and you'll receive detailed feedback on each case

  • 12 Week Training Program

  • 60 Prostate MRI Cases (5/week)

  • ACCME Accredited for 30 CME

  • MRI Online Premium Annual Membership

  • Completed MRI Mastery Series: Prostate

Course Curriculum
  • Protocols, Sequences, Prostate Anatomy

  • PI-RADS Scoring & Assessment, Introduction to T Staging

  • Pathologic / Advanced and Anatomic Staging

    Evaluating BPH/BPH Pitfalls

  • $7,200

  • $120 per Case, 60 Cases

  • Discounts available for groups

"Since being at ProScan, the rate at which I can report MSK MRI has double or tripled, at least, and I’m a lot more confident a lot more accurate."

Dr. Stephen Repse

MSK Radiologist at I-MED in Sydney, Australia

Dr. Repse's Fellowship Experience

Dr. Stephen Repse, a radiologists at I-MED, completed a 6-month MSK fellowship and greatly improved his speed and accuracy of reporting MSK MRI

He now reports 25+ MR cases per day and is his group's MSK expert in Sydney, Australia — crediting this fellowship with his success

Doubled reading speed by reading a high volume of cases

Read over 1,700 MSK cases in his time at ProScan, reading more than 50 per day at the end of the fellowship with very high accuracy

Watch: The most valuable part of the fellowship at ProScan (0:57)

Case of the Week

Contributed teaching cases with detailed reports to our weekly case review newsletter read by over 15,000 radiologists world wide

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Presented at the Toronto Mastery Conference

Presented prostate MRI cases that demonstrated various PI-RADS scores to a room full of attending radiologists at our annual MRI Mastery live conference

Elevate your career with the experience of a lifetime

An ACCME-accredited entity that has provided fellowships, workshops and online video courses to train over 10,000 radiologists in MRI over the past 30 years.

Learning Objectives:
  • You will improve your diagnostic confidence and clinical accuracy in the area of MSK, Neuro or Body MRI

  • Learn how to speak the language of your referring clinicians and deliver sophisticated reports that win their trust, facilitate their practice and improve patient care

  • Improve your efficiency in reading advanced imaging studies

A typical day will include:
  • Daily or twice-daily readouts with ProScan attendings (around 50% with Dr. Pomeranz)

  • Reporting of live MRI cases

  • Project-based academic contributions to the practice’s teaching portfolio

Why you should learn with us:
  • Improve your skills and advance your career in private diagnostic imaging practice

  • Our team sees more MRIs than any other private practice in the U.S. every day

  • You will be in a collegial environment, filled with passionate, curious radiologists who love to teach and learn

Put yourself among great company:
  • Over 10,000 radiologists have completed the program

  • We read over 1,500 MRIs per day

  • Dr. Pomeranz has read over 2MM cases and taught for over 30 years