Total Body Atlas — MSK Anatomy on MRI

Free Course for Residents

The definitive radiology resident’s guide to MSK Anatomy on MRI. The Total Body Atlas series includes in-depth anatomy courses on ankle, elbow, knee, hip, shoulder, thumb and wrist.

Organized by body part and divided into short, 3-5 minute vignettes, it’s the perfect resource to have at your side while learning MRI.

This is a free course for residents. To gain access to the course:

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  2. An MRI Online account be created for you automatically and you will be enrolled in the course. Note: If you already have an MRI Online account, the course will be added to your account
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Note: If you are an MRI Online Premium member, you already have access to these Anatomy videos as part of the MSK Mastery Series courses. Anatomy is the first section in the Ankle, Elbow, Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Thumb and Wrist courses.

Course Curriculum

MRI Total Body Atlas -- Knee

Knee Anatomy on MRI

MRI Total Body Atlas -- Thumb

Thumb Anatomy on MRI

MRI Total Body Atlas -- Ankle

Ankle Anatomy on MRI

MRI Total Body Atlas -- Shoulder

Shoulder Anatomy on MRI

MRI Total Body Atlas -- Wrist

Wrist Anatomy Review on MRI

MRI Total Body Atlas -- Hip

Hip Anatomy on MRI

MRI Total Body Atlas -- Elbow

Elbow Anatomy Review on MRI