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Expert Case Review

Adult Suprahyoid Neck Expert Case Review

Content Reviewed: 2023-12-14

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11 Clinical Cases

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Course Description

Challenge yourself with this Adult Suprahyoid Neck Case Review with Dr. Gloria J. Guzmán Pérez-Carrillo and Dr. Rami Eldaya! Take your reading and interpretation skills to a higher level by reviewing cases of paraganglioma, retromolar trigone masses, synovial sarcoma, and more alongside Dr. Guzmán and Eldaya. 

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SA-CME now available! In addition to earning AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™, this course is eligible for SA-CME credit. Note: the course evaluation must be completed and SA-CME selected in order to claim SA-CME credit.

After completing this course, you will be better able to:

  •       Accurately interpret advanced imaging cases
  •       Distinguish subtle abnormalities on imaging
  •       Communicate findings, definitive diagnoses and limited differentials


Gloria J. Guzmán Pérez-Carrillo, MD, MPH, MSc

Associate Professor of Radiology, Neuroradiology Section Co-Director, Advanced Neuroimaging Clinical Service

Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, Washington University School of Medicine

Rami Eldaya, MD, MBA

Assistant Professor

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center


Adult Suprahyoid Neck Case Review

11 Clinical Cases

52 min.

Patient with Dysphagia and Lesion in the Retropharyngeal Space

7 m.

Patient with Lesion within the Carotid Space

13 m.

Retromandibular Trigone into the Parapharyngeal Space

7 m.

Patient with a Lesion in Suprahyoid Neck, Situated in Parapharyngeal Space

8 m.

Patient with Parotid Space Mass

9 m.

25 year old with Lesion in Masticator Space

11 m.

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