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Thursday, April 25th at 12 PM ET

Dr. Maria Cortes

Acute Encephalitis

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Acute Encephalitis

Thursday, April 25th at 12 PM ET

Maria Cortes, MD



Dr. Cortes will review the role of imaging in acute encephalitis, with a focus on autoimmune encephalitis. She’ll also explore the definition, epidemiology, and differentiation between viral and autoimmune encephalitis.

Maximize Performance and Minimize Malpractice Risk - How I Teach Clarity and Confidence in Mammography

Thursday, May 2nd at 12 PM ET

Gretchen Green, MD, MMS, FAAWR




In this lecture, co-sponsored by AAWR, Dr. Gretchen Green will provide insight on the patient perspective of breast imaging, review the importance of clear communication with patients and providers, and give practical tips to streamline your exam order process and protocols. She’ll also cover the true risk of malpractice, strategies for writing reports that inform and help protect you, and skills to support yourself if you are sued.

Ultrasound Gallbladder and Biliary Tree - Common and Uncommon Diagnosis

Thursday, May 9th at 12 PM ET

Alka Singhal, MBBS, DMRD, DMU




Ultrasound gallbladder and biliary tree evaluation are often the first areas of our learning as ultrasound professionals. However, it is indeed one of the challenging areas and often accounts for many discrepant findings and reporting. Join Dr. Singhal for a basic overview of the ultrasound anatomy of the biliary tract, embryological correlation, and choledochal cysts. She'll also explore the varied ultrasound appearances of common abnormalities such as cholecystitis, gallstones, cholesterolosis, chronic acalculous gallbladder disease, biliary sludge, and more. Finally, she'll review using available technological advancements, harmonics, 3D, tips and tricks to overcome artifacts, and the role of examination in various patient positions.

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