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Case Crunch: Rapid Case Review for the Radiology Core Exam

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15 Videos

13 Hours 35 Minutes of Video

Course Description

Whether you're studying for the boards or just enjoy fast-paced quiz reviews, enjoy this exclusive series of rapid fire case reviews. Learn from top faculty at U.S. residency programs in these one-hour, on-demand webinars, covering high-yield topics from the ABR Core Exam blueprint. 

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Explore our library of Case Crunch webinar replays from top radiologists like Dr. David Yousem, Dr. Robyn Roth, Dr. Navid Faraji, and more!



Board Prep

13 hr. 35 min.

Pediatric Thoracoabdominal Board Review, Dr. Judy Squires (5-08-24)

53 m.

GI Case Review, Dr. Claire E. Brookmeyer (5-06-24)

47 m.

Vascular and Interventional Radiology Case Review, Dr. Indravadan Patel (4-30-24)

50 m.

Best of the Breast MRI Board Review, Dr. Robyn Roth (4-29-24)

50 m.

Cardiac Imaging Core Review, Dr. Muhammad Umair (4-24-24)

66 m.

Thoracic Imaging Core Review, Dr. Melissa Carroll (4-22-24)

66 m.

Genitourinary Board Review, Dr. Erin Gomez (4-08-24)

70 m.

MSK Radiology Low Pressure but High Yield, Dr. Navid Faraji (3-18-24)

57 m.

Nuclear Medicine Board Review, Dr. Elizabeth Hawk (3-13-24)

47 m.

Sinonasal Case Review - Vitamin C & D, Dr. David M Yousem (2-22-24)

65 m.

Best of the Breast, Dr. Robyn Roth (4-20-23)

49 m.

Spine Imaging Board Review, Dr. David M. Yousem (3-30-23)

61 m.

Breast Overview, Dr. Robyn Roth (11-20-21)

50 m.

Breast Imaging Cases - Appropriate Workup and Management, Dr. Robyn Roth (06-22-21)

42 m.

Diagnostic Workup Case Review, Dr. Robyn Roth (05-20-21)

50 m.

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