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Noon Conference

Body: Genitourinary (GU) Imaging Noon Conference

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39 Videos

37 Hours 15 Minutes of Video

Course Description

Explore our library of GU Imaging Noon Conference replays from top radiologists like Dr. Satomi Kawamoto, Dr. Deborah Baumgarten, Dr. Erin Gomez, and more!


Body: Genitourinary (GU) Imaging

37 hr. 15 min.

Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound - Venous Doppler and Challenging Arterial Cases, Dr. Sheila Sheth (9-21-23)

64 m.

Case Based Review of Renal Pathology, Deborah A. Baumgarten (7-27-23)

51 m.

Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA) PET - Interpretation and Applications, Steven P. Rowe (7-20-23)

63 m.

Ultrasound Evaluation of Fetal Non Cardiac Thoracic Anomalies, Dr. Alka Singhal (5-25-23)

56 m.

Urothelial Cancer and Beyond - CT Urography Interpretation (Including Pitfalls), Dr. Deborah A. Baumgarten (5-18-23)

63 m.

The FIGO Classification System for Uterine Fibroids- Review of MRI Findings and Reporting Best Practices, Dr Erin Gomez (2-9-23)

60 m.

Ectopic Pregnancy - Challenges in Ultrasound Diagnosis, Dr. Alka Singhal (2-2-23)

61 m.

The Fountain of Youth - Pediatric Genitourinary Ultrasound, Barbara K. Pawley (1-12-23)

55 m.

US-Guided Biopsies, Dr. James Joseph Facciola (10-20-22)

74 m.

Pediatric Genitourinary Imaging, Dr. Brandon P. Brown (9-22-22)

68 m.

MR Evaluation of Placenta Accreta Spectrum, Erin Gomez, MD, 06/30/2022

63 m.

Imaging of Ovarian Tumors with Emphasis on Differential Diagnosis, Satomi Kawamoto, MD, 05/19/22

53 m.

Imaging Evaluation of Pediatric Renal Masses: Practical Approach, Dr. Edward Lee, 04/07/22

39 m.

Renal Transplant Doppler Ultrasound Evaluation, Dr. Alka Ashmita Singhal, 2/10/22

62 m.

CT of Renal and Upper Urinary Tract Tumors, Dr. Satomi Kawamoto, 1/20/22

58 m.

MRI in Abdominopelvic Emergencies, Dr. Manjiri Dighe, (10/28/21)

41 m.

Renal Masses, Dr. Ania Z. Kielar, (10/05/21)

60 m.

Abdominopelvic Trauma, Dr. Rony Kampalath (07/23/21)

50 m.

Pitfalls and Pearls in Blunt A/P Trauma CT, Dr. Douglas Katz (07/16/21)

61 m.

Basics of Renal Ultrasound Contrast, Dr. Helena Gabriel (06/18/2021)

45 m.

Interesting and Challenging Cases from the ER, Dr. Rony Kampalath (5/19/21)

55 m.

Imaging of Renal Masses, Dr. Nanda Thimmappa (4-30-21)

61 m.

Uterine Artery Embolization for Fibroids, Dr. Donald Romanelli 4-2-21)

66 m.

Renal Cryoablation, Dr. Kimi Kondo (3-29-21)

54 m.

Imaging the Premature Newborn, ​Dr. Brandon Patrick Brown (3-24-21)

66 m.

Ultrasound "Can't Miss" Diagnoses, Dr. Lori Deitte (1-15-21)

59 m.

Renal Imaging - Bosniak Classification version 2019, Dr. Nicola Schieda (11-6-20)

42 m.

Penile and Scrotal Emergencies, Dr. Laura L. Avery (11-2-20)

49 m.

Introduction to Fetal MRI, Dr. Brandon Brown (10-19-20)

65 m.

MR Imaging of the Pelvic Floor, Dr. Kedar Jambhekar (10-7-20)

64 m.

Prostate MRI - Pearls to Know and Pitfalls to Avoid, Dr. Silvia Chang (9-17-20)

54 m.

Pediatric Adrenal Lesions and Mimics, Dr. Narendra Shet (8-10-20)

49 m.

The 2nd Trimester Fetal Ultrasound Made Ridiculously Simple, Dr. Tony Filly (8-4-20)

72 m.

Anatomic Evaluation in the 2nd Trimester, Dr. Glynis Sacks (7-7-20)

55 m.

Prostate MRI - Post-Treatment Imaging, Dr. Daniel J A Margolis (6-24-20)

59 m.

What to Expect When She's Expecting - Concepts of 1st Trimester Ultrasound, Dr. Katie Davis (6-12-20)

69 m.

Retrograde Urethrography, Dr. Pauline Germaine (6-5-20)

50 m.

MR Imaging of Urinary Bladder and Urethra, Dr. Mukesh Harisinghani (5-21-20)

58 m.

Imaging of Mullerian Duct Anomalies, Dr. Jessica Robbins (4-23-20)

62 m.

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