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Expert Case Review

Challenging Pediatric Cases Expert Case Review

Content Reviewed: 2021-07-21

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1.25 CME

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13 Clinical Cases

1.25 CME

Course Description

Challenge yourself with our Pediatric Cases from Dr. Dhanashree Rajderkar!

Join Dr. Dhanashree Rajderkar (University of Florida) as she walks through a series of challenging pediatric cases across several modalities. Read alongside her as she provides essential interpretation pearls and pitfalls on these cases, which will help you gain confidence in making these decisions in your own practice.

Dr. Rajderkar also includes in-depth explanations of specific findings and their respective differential diagnoses, as well as helpful teaching points about recommendations and treatment options. 

Test yourself to determine:

  • The most likely diagnosis for a patient with mass in the left neck?
  • Is the reason for a 5 year old’s abdominal pain & vomiting pancreatic cancer, choledochal cyst, or sclerosing cholangitis? 
  • Your approach to a newborn with bilious vomiting? 
  • Is headache and altered mental status in an 18 year old due to a viral infection, vasculitis, or disseminated tuberculosis? 
  • …and more!

Expert Case Review Overview

Expert Case Reviews offer a high yield, case-focused learning module that will help you gain confidence interpreting advanced imaging cases. 

Read alongside Radiology mentors who want to help you fine-tune your search patterns and work through your list of differential diagnoses. 

Review at your own pace by utilizing the video player features to pause, rewind, and slow down the video to work through the case at your own pace.

After you’re done, check out these additional Pediatric Imaging Mastery Courses for further in-depth case review:

Course materials were developed from Dr. Rajderkar’s Case Review Live webinars in March and April 2021. The recorded session has been converted into this on-demand, microlearning Radiology CME Course that you can work through on your own time!

Take your reading and interpretation skills to a higher level alongside Dr. Dhanashree Rajderkar by reviewing challenging pediatric cases on MRI, CT, & Ultrasound!

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After completing this course, you will be better able to:

  •       Accurately interpret advanced imaging cases
  •       Distinguish subtle abnormalities on imaging
  •       Communicate findings, definitive diagnoses and limited differentials


Dhanashree Rajderkar, MD

Associate Professor, Division Chief Pediatric Radiology

University of Florida, Gainesville


Sample Case Review

1 Clinical Cases

3 min.

10 month old infant with repeated infections of right upper lobe

4 m.

Course Evaluation: Challenging Pediatric Cases

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