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Case Challenge

Foot & Ankle MRI Cases

Content Reviewed: 2021-08-31

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6.25 CME

25 Clinical Cases

25 Quiz Questions

6.25 CME

Course Description

This Power Pack is comprised of 25 unique Foot / Ankle MRI cases that you can scroll through in our diagnostic web viewer to determine your findings. Quiz yourself and earn CME.

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SA-CME now available! In addition to earning AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™, this course is eligible for SA-CME credit. Note: the course evaluation must be completed and SA-CME selected in order to claim SA-CME credit.

After completing this course, you will be better able to:

  •  Independently construct search patterns for a variety of imaging cases
  •  Assess variations and abnormalities on imaging
  •  Efficiently interpret advanced imaging cases



Stephen J Pomeranz, MD

Chief Medical Officer, ProScan Imaging. Founder, MRI Online

ProScan Imaging

Case Challenge

Foot / Ankle Pack

25 Clinical Cases

25 Quiz Questions

Case 1 - 17-year-old female woke up with a painful swollen right foot

Case 2 - 64-year-old female with pain in lateral aspect of right ankle

Case 3 - 24-year-old male presents with inversion injury on right ankle

Case 4 - 58-year-old male with right ankle pain

Case 5 - 28-year-old female with left ankle pain

Case 6 - 48-year-old male presents with pain in posterior right calcaneus

Case 7 - 58-year-old male presents with mass on left foot

Case 8 - 14-year-old female presents with pain in right ankle

Case 9 - 11-year-old female presents with lump on third digit of right foot

Case 10 - 18-year-old female presents with painful mass on left foot

Case 11 - 58-year-old male presents with right foot fracture.

Case 12 - 54-year-old male with pain in right ankle

Case 13 - 55-year-old male presents with chronic right ankle pain

Case 14 - 59-year-old female presents with right foot pain

Case 15 - 57-year-old female presents with left plantar midfoot pain

Case 16 - 76-year-old male presents with infection in the right foot

Case 17 - 42-year-old female presents with mass in right foot

Case 18 - 20-year-old male presents with left foot pain at the anterior midfoot

Case 19 - 42-year-old male patient presents with left lateral foot pain

Case 20 - 68-year-old female presents with right midfoot pain

Case 21 - 17-year-old male presents with right foot pain

Case 22 - 59-year-old male presents with right foot infection

Case 23 - 61-year-old female presents with left foot pain

Case 24 - 22-year-old male presents with left ankle swelling and pain

Case 25 - 17-year-old male presents with pain on top of right foot

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