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Noon Conference

Head and Neck Imaging Noon Conference

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37 Videos

38 Hours 44 Minutes of Video

Course Description

Explore our library of Head and Neck Imaging Noon Conference replays from top radiologists like Dr. Suresh Mukherji, Dr. Rohini Nadgir, Dr. David Yousem, and more!


Head and Neck Imaging

38 hr. 44 min.

Role of Imaging in Sinonasal Masses, Mohit Agarwal (6-6-24)

49 m.

Sinonasal Case Review - Vitamin C & D, Dr. David M Yousem (2-22-24)

66 m.

SCCA of the Larynx: What Radiologists Need to Know, Dr. Suresh Mukherji (2-8-24)

83 m.

Simplified Approach to the Lymph Nodes of the Head & Neck, Suresh Mukherji (11-16-23)

66 m.

Case Review Live - Adult Suprahyoid Neck, Dr. Gloria J. Guzmán Pérez-Carrillo and Dr. Rami Eldaya (10-12-23)

63 m.

Vertebral Augmentation - Past , Present, and Future, Majid Aziz Khan (1-5-23)

63 m.

Anatomy and Pathology of the Brachial Plexus, Dr. Suresh K. Mukherji (9-15-22)

68 m.

Thyroid International Recommendations Online, Azita Khorsandi, MD, 06/23/2022

45 m.

Sinonasal Imaging, Rohini N. Nadgir, MD, 05/26/22

69 m.

Adult Hydrocephalus Imaging, Dr. Ari Blitz, 05/05/2022

111 m.

Ocular Trauma, Dr. David M. Yousem, 04/14/22

62 m.

Imaging Review of the Endoscopic Management of Clivus Based Tumors, Dr. Dinesh Rao, 1/27/22

57 m.

Molecular PET in Head and Neck Oncology, Dr. Elcin Zan, (1/13/22)

48 m.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ), Dr. David M. Yousem, (11/04/21)

61 m.

Maxillofacial Trauma, Dr. Michael Kraut, (08/09/21)

57 m.

Thyroid Cancer: A (Hopefully) Practical Approach to Ultrasound of the Post-Operative Neck, Dr. Deborah Baumgarten, (08/02/21)

55 m.

Thyroid Nodules Using ATA and TIRADS Systems, Dr. Deborah Baumgarten (06/16/2021)

62 m.

Suprahyoid Neck: Pathology Through Anatomy, Dr. Richard Wiggins (5/28/21)

61 m.

Maxillofacial Trauma, Dr. Melissa A. Davis (4-7-21)

36 m.

Paranasal Sinus Imaging - The Basics, Dr. Ritu Bordia, (3-31-21)

52 m.

Imaging of Head and Neck Infections, Dr. Mohannad Ibrahim (3-17-21)

53 m.

Imaging of Head and Neck Emergencies, Dr. Rohini Nadgir (11-18-20)

59 m.

Imaging of the Paranasal Sinuses, Dr. William O'Brien (11-9-20)

69 m.

Sinonasal Polyps and Mimics, Dr. Kristen Lloyd Baugnon (10-27-20)

55 m.

Post treatment imaging in Head and Neck Cancer, Dr. Supreeta Arya (9-3-20)

50 m.

Head & Neck Imaging Concepts - A Case-Based Review, Dr. Paul Bunch (8-20-20)

77 m.

Imaging Parapharyngeal Masses (Pre & Poststyloid) - A Systematic Approach to Diagnosis, Dr. Supreeta Arya (7-21-20)

57 m.

Imaging Approach to Jaw Lesions pt 2, Dr. Khaled Gad (6-22-20)

67 m.

Understanding the TMJ - An Imaging Exploration, Dr. Dania Tamimi (6-19-20)

74 m.

Imaging Approach to Jaw Lesions, Dr. Khaled Gad (6-15-20)

58 m.

Imaging of Tinnitus, Dr. David Pastel (6-1-20)

62 m.

The "How To" of Neck Nodes, Dr. Christine Glastonbury (5-26-20)

75 m.

Complicated Sinusitis - A Primer for Radiologists, Dr. Sameer Raniga (5-19-20)

75 m.

Anatomy and Pathology of the Oral Cavity and Oropharynx, Dr. Suresh Mukherji (5-14-20)

66 m.

Salivary Glands, Dr. David M. Yousem (5-7-20)

67 m.

Head & Neck Spaces Made Simple, Dr. Suresh Mukherji (4-3-20)

85 m.

Laryngeal Carcinoma, Suresh Mukherji, MD (3-25-20)

61 m.

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