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Neuro Case Review

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38 Videos

18 Hours 44 Minutes of Video

7 Clinical Cases

Course Description

The series is produced from our live course format, which took place in Melbourne over three action-packed, caffeine-filled days. See full course curriculum below. The course is 16 hours and reviews over 90 cases.


Stephen J Pomeranz, MD

Chief Medical Officer, ProScan Imaging. Founder, MRI Online

ProScan Imaging


Neuro Case Review Part 1 - What you Need to Know for Neuro MR

4 hr. 48 min.

What You Need to Know for Neuro Imaging Interpretation

64 m.

Anatomy, Traumatic Injury & Skull Base

138 m.

Congenital & Pediatric Disease

87 m.


Neuro Case Review Part 2 - From On-Call to Tumor Boards

5 hr. 8 min.


Neuro Case Review Part 3 - Neurodegenerative Disease & Beyond the Brain

5 hr. 35 min.

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