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Prostate MRI and MR-Guided Intervention

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16 Videos

12 Hours 20 Minutes of Video

Course Description

Learn about multi-parametric prostate MRI, MRI guided interventions and genitourinary pathology.


Bernadette Greenwood, BSc, RT

Chief Research Officer, Desert Medical Imaging, Clinical Instructor, Department of Internal Medicine, UC Riverside School of Medicine


DMI Prostate MRI and MR-Guided Intervention

12 hr. 20 min.

Evolution of Prostate MRI and MR-guided Intervention

42 m.

Normal Prostate Anatomy - S. Verma

29 m.

PI-RADS in Everyday Practice - D.J. Margolis

51 m.

Image Analysis - B. Greenwood

25 m.

Case-based Review - R. Gupta

44 m.

Protocol Optimization - R. Gupta

39 m.

MR-Guided Biopsy of the Prostate – F. Coakley

49 m.

MR-Guided Laser Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer - J. Feller

56 m.

Biopsy Case Planning - B. Greenwood

25 m.

Patient B Biopsy, Participant Biopsy Planning - B. Greenwood, J. Feller

75 m.

Q & A, Debrief Cases - B. Greenwood, J. Feller

118 m.

The Evolving Role of Clinical Genomics - B. Greenwood

30 m.

Prostate Pathology for the Non-Pathologist - T. van der Kwast

40 m.

Case Interpretation Patient A - T. van der Kwast and D. Hansel

52 m.

Case Interpretation Patient B - T. van der Kwast and D. Hansel

56 m.

Panel Discussion: MRI in Prostate Cancer Management, B. Greenwood, T. van der Kwast, J. Feller, D. Hansel

18 m.

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