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Stroke & Vascular Noon Conferences

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7 Hours 34 Minutes of Video

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Learn alongside Radiology experts in Stroke and Vascular Imaging as they lecture on important topics for practicing radiologists to stay at the top of their profession. These 45-60 minute lectures were recorded during MRI Online’s Noon Conference webinar series and are available on demand here as part of MRI Online Premium and Subspecialty Library Membership plans. This course is not available for CME.

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Noon Conferences are free radiology lectures live streamed every week at 12 pm ET. These lectures keep the radiology community connected with free, live conferences and make learning accessible from anywhere. The overwhelmingly positive response to this has only strengthened our mission at MRI Online to transform the way radiologists learn and thrive, no matter the stage of your career or where in the world you practice. Learn more about our upcoming Noon Conference lectures here and review our full Noon Conference replay library here.

Learn from radiology experts in Stroke and Vascular Imaging with MRI Online On-Demand Noon Conference lectures. (This course is not eligible for CME.)


Scott D Steenburg, MD, FASER

Associate Professor of Radiology

Indiana University School of Medicine

Dinesh Rao, MD

Associate Professor, Section Chief Neuroradiology

University of Florida Health Jacksonville

Pamela W Schaefer, MD, FACR

Professor of Radiology, Vice Chair of Education

Massachusetts General Hospital

Kitt Shaffer, MD, PhD, FACR

Professor of Radiology

Boston University & Boston Medical Center

Vivek S Yedavalli, MD, MS

Assistant Professor of Neuroradiology and Director of Stroke Imaging

Johns Hopkins University

Anna Derman, MD

Associate Director of Neuroradiology

Maimonides Medical Center

Michael H. Lev, MD, FACR

Director of Emergency Radiology and Emergency Neuroradiology, Professor of Radiology

Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Jeremy J. Heit, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Radiology and Neurosurgery, Interim Chief of Neuroimaging and Neurointervention

Stanford University


Stroke & Vascular On-Demand Conferences

7 hr. 34 min.

Acute Ischemic Stroke Imaging, Dr. Pamela Schaefer (2-22-21)

62 m.

Acute Ischemic Stroke Imaging and Thrombectomy Treatment, Dr. Jeremy J. Heit (11-3-22)

65 m.

Advanced CT/MR Imaging for Stroke Patient Treatment Selection State of the Art and Future Directions, Dr. Michael H. Lev (9-1-22)

67 m.

CTP in Stroke: Practical Tips, Dr. Anna Derman, (08/27/21)

47 m.

CT Perfusion of the Brain, Dr. Dinesh Rao (11-4-20)

61 m.

Venous Infarcts - An Overview, Dr. Vivek Yedavalli (12-18-20)

49 m.

Thoracic Vascular Anatomy, Dr. Kitt Shaffer (2-8-21)

53 m.

CTA of Peripheral Vascular Injuries, Dr. Scott Steenburg (12-14-20)

53 m.

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