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Case Challenge

Thigh MRI Cases

Content Reviewed: 2021-07-28

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6.25 CME

25 Clinical Cases

25 Quiz Questions

6.25 CME

Course Description

This Power Pack is comprised of 25 unique Thigh MRI cases that you can scroll through in our diagnostic web viewer to determine your findings. Quiz yourself and earn CME.

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After completing this course, you will be better able to:

  •  Independently construct search patterns for a variety of imaging cases
  •  Assess variations and abnormalities on imaging
  •  Efficiently interpret advanced imaging cases



Stephen J Pomeranz, MD

Chief Medical Officer, ProScan Imaging. Founder, MRI Online

ProScan Imaging

Case Challenge

Thigh Pack

25 Clinical Cases

25 Quiz Questions

Case 1 - 14-year-old male football player presents with posterior bruising in the upper right leg

Case 2 - 89-year-old female presents with growth on right thigh

Case 3 - 61-year-old female presents with a painful mass in the left distal thigh

Case 4 - 92-year-old male is being assessed for infection of amputated leg

Case 5 - 57-year-old male is being evaluated for ischial avulsion fracture

Case 6 - 57-year-old male presents with left thigh strain / muscle defect

Case 7 - 68-year-old female presents with numbness involving both legs

Case 8 - 18-year-old male presents with contusion of left thigh, and paresthesia

Case 9 - 31-year-old male presents with right thigh pain, and history of fracture

Case 10 - 55-year-old female presents with contusion

Case 11 - 8-year-old female is being evaluated for a distal left femur mass

Case 12 - 60-year-old male presents with left thigh pain

Case 13 - 50-year-old male presents with sickle cell crisis, and extreme pain in left thigh

Case 14 - 48-year-old male presents with history of arthroscopic surgery on the right knee

Case 15 - 45-year-old male presents with soft tissue mass in left thigh

Case 16 - 3-year-old female presents with asymmetric thighs, left greater than right

Case 17 - 11-year-old male presents with posterior pain to right mid-thigh

Case 18 - 38-year-old female presents with persistent left leg pain

Case 19 - 14-year-old male presents with myotendinous injury in the left thigh

Case 20 - 55-year-old female presents with left leg weakness

Case 21 - 54-year-old male presents with a large left thigh mass

Case 22 - 86-year-old male presents with lump in left thigh

Case 23 - 55-year-old male presents with clinical strain at the hamstring muscle insertion

Case 24 - 66-year-old male is being evaluated for a right distal thigh mass

Case 25 - 77-year-old female presents with a left thigh soft tissue mass

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