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Mastery Series

Thyroid Imaging

Content Reviewed: 2022-03-15

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1.5 CME

15 Videos

19 Clinical Cases

1.5 CME

Course Description

Differentiating masses in the thyroid is an essential part of head and neck imaging, but even more critical for patient care is knowing when to call a cancer in this space. Over reporting incidental findings in the thyroid can lead to unnecessary surgeries and complications for patients. In this course, Dr. Jenny Hoang illustrates the anatomy of the thyroid, the best practices for differentiating masses, and highlights what referring clinicians need to know for treatment and surgical planning. 

Topics included in this Radiology CME course: 

  • Incidental Thyroid Nodules
  • Anaplastic Masses
  • Thyroid Cancer 
  • Lymphoma
  • Goiter
  • …and more

What your colleagues have said:

  • “Excellent presentation by Dr Hoang!” – E.B., MD
  • “Great cases and information.” – M.R., MD
  • “Well presented!” – S.P., MD

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For TI-RADS content, please see Dr. Deborah Baumgarten’s lecture on Thyroid Nodules Using ATA and TIRADS Systems.

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  • Apply appropriate search patterns to ensure high quality case assessment 
  • Identify key anatomical landmarks, variations, and abnormalities on imaging
  • Accurately interpret advanced imaging cases
  • Formulate definitive diagnoses and limited differentials
  • Instructors

    Jenny Hoang, MBBS, MBA

    Professor of Radiology, Vice Chair

    Johns Hopkins University


    Introduction to Thyroid Imaging

    17 min.

    Introduction to Thyroid Imaging

    1 m.

    Thyroid Anatomy

    7 m.

    Thyroid Nodules, Cancer, and Overdiagnosis

    11 m.

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