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Axial IAC Anatomy and Otospongiosis/Otosclerosis

6 min.
David Yousem MBA, MD
David M Yousem, MBA, MD
Professor of Radiology, Vice Chairman and Associate Dean
CME Eligible
Includes DICOM files

Learn about key anatomical structures of the internal auditory canal (IAC) as well as pathology including otospongiosis/otosclerosis on CT Axial thin sections.


Mastery Series: Inner Ear

Mastery Series

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  • apical turn of the cochlea
  • basal turn of the cochlea
  • cochlea aqueduct
  • facial nerve
  • Facial nerve descending horizontal or tympanic portion
  • Facial nerve descending intramastoid portion
  • Facial nerve geniculate ganglion
  • Facial nerve labyrinth portion
  • facial nerve recess
  • Fenestral otosclerosis
  • Fissula Ante Fenestrum
  • hypotympanum
  • incudostapedial joint
  • middle turn of the cochlea
  • modiolus
  • otosclerosis
  • otospongiosis
  • oval window
  • pyramidal eminence
  • round window
  • SCC
  • semicircular canal
  • sinus tympani
  • stapes
  • stapes crura
  • Vestibula aqueduct

Content reviewed: December 30, 2021

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