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Knee Meniscus: Double Longitudinal Repair

2 min.
Pomeranz, Stephen
Stephen J Pomeranz, MD
Chief Medical Officer, ProScan Imaging. Founder, MRI Online
CME Eligible
Learn to identify which meniscus tears will require surgical intervention and the approach they take when repairing a double longitudinal repair.

Mastery Series: Meniscus MRI

Mastery Series

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  • acl graft failure
  • acl injuries
  • acl rupture
  • ACL-deficient knees
  • anterior cruciate ligament
  • anterior cruciate ligament deficient knees
  • anterior cruciate ligament injury
  • c shaped meniscus
  • capsulomeniscal lesion
  • double longitudinal repair
  • how to interpret knee mri
  • how to read a knee mri
  • knee mri
  • knee msk
  • lateral meniscus
  • medial meniscus
  • meniscal ramp lesions
  • meniscal repair
  • meniscal single longitudinal tear
  • meniscal surgical repair
  • meniscal vertical tear
  • menisci
  • Meniscocapsular
  • meniscotibial ligament
  • meniscus anchor
  • meniscus anterior horn
  • meniscus arthroscopy
  • meniscus double longitudinal repair
  • meniscus fascicles
  • meniscus inner third
  • meniscus longitudinal tear
  • meniscus middle third
  • meniscus MRI
  • meniscus outer third
  • meniscus pole
  • meniscus posterior horn
  • meniscus radiology
  • meniscus ramp 5
  • meniscus ramp lesion
  • meniscus red red zone
  • meniscus repair radiology
  • meniscus surgery
  • meniscus vertical longitudinal tear repair
  • meniscus vertical tear
  • meniscus zones
  • pivot shift injury
  • pivot shift tear
  • ramp 5 lesion repair
  • vertical longitudinal tear

Content reviewed: August 2, 2021

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