Ortho Case Review

This MRI Online course was filmed in Australia and covers injuries of the Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Hand, Finger, Thumb and Wrist on MRI. The course is 13.75 hours and reviews over 90 cases.
13.75 CME
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Course Includes

  • 4 Lessons
  • 14 Topics

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Instructor Dr. Stephen J. Pomeranz
What your colleagues say

“I really enjoy this teaching format over the standard lecture. Looking at cases cold is so much more effective than watching someone show you pictures for hours. I love it.”

Dr. Derek Archer
Toronto, Canada

“The material is amazing. The best I have ever seen. Really advanced, yet explained in a simple way”

Dr. Miguel Nogueira
Porto, Portugal

“I believe you are a revolutionary organization that is positively disrupting the way we train future MRI radiologists. Well done.”

Dr. Rocki Doss
Perth, Australia