Improve Your Practice With MRI Online

We empower your radiologists to advance health care by delivering training solutions that are easy to use, proven to work, and create lasting organizational impact.

Micro-learning Modules

Quickly find the right information at the right time to improve care delivery or go deep into an immersive training experience.

Data Driven Insights 

Deliver on organizational goals using data driven insights to quickly identify where change is needed to improve your program.

Tailored Educational Experience

We partner with you to offer the right curriculum for your providers. It may be a new specialty like Prostate MRI.

Program Improvement Tools

Take action on the data and engage individual or groups of providers with targeted training they need to improve care quality.

Simulate the Work Station

Authentic learning experiences that feel like the work station. Maximize comprehension to improve confidence and care quality.

Radiologist Knowledge Profiles

Understand each provider's strengths so you can provide targeted support and making informed staffing decisions.

Practice Administrators - Realize immediate ROI by making MRI Online your go-to partner for your training needs.

Instead of spending thousands for each provider to send them to disruptive in-person training conferences or inferior boot camps, work with MRI Online. Our products are a fraction of the cost of traditional CME events, and leads directly to positive outcomes at your practice.

A Couple Examples of Practices That Use MRI Online Today

Proscan Imaging