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Why Noon Conference?

    Radiologists and residents around the world are rapidly adapting to their new workflow during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many resident programs have reduced or canceled their daily lectures and practicing radiologists have seen their clinical volumes decrease significantly.

    MRI Online recognizes the need to continue to provide practicing radiologists and residents an excellent educational experience. Beginning Monday March 23, 2020 we will be offering daily noon lectures available live, online at no charge. Please join us as you have the opportunity to learn from some of the most well respected radiology educators in the world.

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  • Daily, 12pm Eastern, Monday-Friday
  • Duration: 60 minutes
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Presenting This Week

A HUGE thank you to our esteemed faculty for signing up to lecture!

Monday 7/13/20
Dr. Ashwani K. Sharma

HCC, Diagnosis and Management in Liver Disease

Dr. Ashwani Sharma is a board certified interventional radiologist and has been part of URMC faculty since 2009. He specializes in image guided procedures primarily interventional oncology. He works as an integral member of transplant teams and  as Director of Interventional Oncology.

Tuesday 7/14/20
Dr. Stephen J. Pomeranz 

Replay: How to Assess Ligaments on MRI

​Dr. Stephen Pomeranz Founder of MRI Online. Authored numerous medical textbooks in MRI along with numerous MRI texts, including The MRI Total Body Atlas. He's an avid conference lecturer. Chairs fellowship training program in MR and advanced imaging. CEO & Medical Director, ProScan Imaging.

Wednesday 7/15/20
Dr. Khaled Gad

Imaging of Chiari I Malformation

​​Dr. Khaled Gad is a consultant neuroradiologist at Ibn Sina hospital, Kuwait. He spent 4 years at Johns Hopkins and at Virginia Tech. He serves the Neuroradiology journal and the AJNR as a reviewer. Dr. Gad is a faculty member and has a master degree in health professions education.

Thursday 7/16/20
Dr. Melissa A. Davis

​​What Type of Leader Are You?

​Dr. Melissa Davis' early career focus has been on operational workflows and improving quality within the inpatient and ambulatory spaces. She also focuses on projects that redesign the way we think about and provide care across communities.

Friday 7/17/20

Dr. Nadine Mallak

Nuclear Medicine for Common GI Pathologies

Dr. Nadine Mallak is an assistant professor of Diagnostic Radiology at Oregon Health and Science University, Divisions of Body Imaging and Nuclear Medicine. Her areas of interest focus on novel molecular imaging tracers, and the combination of anatomic and functional imaging.

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