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Dr. Yousem


Thursday, 2/22 at 12 PM ET

David M. Yousem, MBA, MD

Sinonasal Case Review: Vitamin C & D

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Dr. Yousem

Sinonasal Case Review: VITAMIN C & D

Thursday, 2/22 at 12 PM ET

David M. Yousem, MBA, MD

Head & Neck


Case Review

In this rapid action session, Dr. Yousem will show multiple cases of sinonasal pathology with multiple choice questions to the audience (Boards-Style). The cases will span infectious, neoplastic, congenital, vascular, and idiopathic etiologies. Hold on tight for a fast ride.

In Preparation for Women's History Month: Screening Mammography Saves Lives

Thursday, 2/29 at 12 PM ET

Elizabeth Kagan Arleo MD, FACR, FSBI, FAAWR


Women's Health


Join Dr. Arleo as she explores key concepts and updates on screening mammography for women of both average and higher-than-average risk.

Pulmonary Thromboembolic Disease: Challenging the Conventional Wisdoms and Algorithms

Thursday, 3/07 at 12 PM ET

Marc V. Gosselin, MD


Pulmonary Embolism


There are a number of things taught about pulmonary thromboembolic disease in our curriculum that are only partially true or simply false. This session will be based on a multispecialty review of the literature and physiology to give a different perspective for the radiologist and clinicians. The natural fate of a DVT and the role of the lungs with and without anticoagulation therapy, the risks to the patient from a False Positive interpretation and the problem of the in-situ thrombi are a few topics that will be covered. The guiding concept for this session is 'The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.' Daniel Boorstin

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