Radiology Fellowship

Prostate MRI Mini Fellowship

Designed for busy clinicians, this 5-week Prostate MRI course includes the 25 essential cases a radiologist needs to master to confidently diagnose prostate cancers on MRI. Updated for PI-RADS v2.1, you’ll diagnose and report on real cases, review gold standard reports, and receive personalized feedback - all without taking time off work!

Subjects Covered

  • Multiple examples of PI-RADS 1- 5
  • Assessments for DCE, TZ, PZ
  • Zonal anatomy
  • T-staging
  • Categorizing BPH
  • Common pitfalls
  • Leikert scoring system
  • Surveillance MR
  • What sequences to use
  • What to do when diffusion sequence fails
  • +15 more essential diagnoses

CME Credit

25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ upon completed report submissions in scheduled sessions only

Bonus Prerequisite Courses Included

  • Mastery Series: Prostate MRI Video Course (6 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™)
  • Case Challenge: Prostate MRI Quiz (37.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™)
  • Mastery Series: PI-RADS 2.1 Update Video Course (2 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™)

Course Director

Dr. Daniel Cornfeld, MD

Daniel Cornfeld, MD

Yale New Haven Hospital

What’s included in Mini Fellowships?


$2000 / Session


$1000 / Course

25 Hand-picked Cases

Each fellowship comes with a set of 25 highly curated case lists, hand-picked by our expert faculty to improve your skills and build your confidence.



Fully Scrollable DICOM Images

Scrollable DICOMs are available in our full-featured web-based viewer or download them into your own PACs system for maximum flexibility.



Gold Standard Reports for Every Case

Developed by expert faculty, these Gold Standard Reports cover everything the referring clinician would need to know for optimal patient care.



Personalized 1:1 Feedback

Submit your own reports and get detailed, personalized feedback on every case from a fellowship-trained expert to help you take your reporting to the next level.



Video Courses & Practice Cases

Whether you’re an experienced reader or just getting started, these Mastery Series courses and Case Challenges will make sure you’re prepared with ample exposure to cases and anatomy.



Case Discussion & Key Images

Miss a diagnosis? We’ve got you covered. Every case includes a detailed explanation with key images about how we came to our conclusions.



CME Eligibility

You'll earn AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ while you learn to help you meet your CME requirements.

Up to 25 CME Credits

12.5 CME Credits

Scheduled Sessions

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Session 1.

Start:    May 15, 2023

End:      June 18, 2023

Session full

Session 2.

Start:    October 2, 2023

End:      November 6, 2023

Now enrolling

Session 3.

Start:    January 16, 2024

End:      February 26, 2024

Now enrolling

Here’s what our customers have to say about Remote Fellowship cohorts

“In addition to the detailed and comprehensive video recorded lectures, there is the opportunity to practice report 5 cases a week with detailed professional feedback."

Dr. Ahmed Kamalaldin

"The program was really very helpful. It was delivered in a structured way with lots of material made available throughout to clear the doubts. I would certainly recommend it to my colleagues who are interested to learn more about prostate MRI."

Dr. Arohi Khairnar

"It is hard to find time during work and with family life to study, but it definitely made me take time from my busy schedule to read and learn."

Dr. Liana Medina

On-Demand Fellowship

Not available for a scheduled session?

Here’s what our customers have to say about our Online Fellowships

Excellent presentation of detailed anatomy and pathology. Excellent companion cases. Tricky fellowship cases that highlight how easy it is to miss subtle findings. The missed findings will be the ones that will be remembered the most when it comes to dealing with real patients. Excellent course, as always!

Dr. Nikolaos Barmpagiannis

"The fellowship course is an eye opener with so much to learn"

Dr. Rita Nassanga

"Thank you for an excellent course and I must say we have learnt a lot.
This has definitely opened our eyes to many things and for some of us definitely helped in the workings of the 3T MRI."

Dr. Sumithra Ranganathan

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