Genitourinary (GU) Imaging Library

Improve your approach to Prostate and GU Imaging 

Get access to MRI Online's Genitourinary Imaging Subspecialty library with microlearning videos, expert case reviews, and case stacks designed to help you gain confidence in your diagnosis and improve turnaround times. Earn CME & SA-CME credits that meet ABR MOC and state licensure requirements.

Reported improved confidence
Reported decreased risk of significant misses
Reported improved efficiency

Video Courses and CT, MRI, & Ultrasound  Cases

Whether you’re an experienced reader or just getting started, these Mastery Series courses and scrollable DICOM cases will make sure you’re prepared with ample exposure to cases and a variety of patient populations.

Library Includes  

  • GU Mastery Series microlearning videos
  • GU Expert case reviews
  • GU Case quizzes
  • GU Fully scrollable DICOM images
  • 75+ AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™
  • CME & SA-CME credits for ABR MOC, and state licensure 
  • New videos and content updated regularly

Topics Covered  

  • Prostate MRI & PI-RADS 2.1 Update
  • Renal Masses & Renal Transplant
  • Penile & Scrotal Imaging
  • Ovarian Masses, Uterine, & Female Pelvis Imaging
  • Case Challenges: Prostate MRI, Renal Masses, Pelvic Masses 
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MRI Online Genitourinary Faculty

Deborah A. Baumgarten MD, MPH, FACR, FSAR

Professor of Radiology

Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

Kristine S Burk, MD

Instructor in Radiology, Harvard Medical School

Brigham and Women's Hospital

Zahra Kassam, MD, FRCPC

Associate Professor of Medical Imaging

Division Head of Body Imaging

Western University

Neeraj Lalwani, MD, DABR, FSAR

Associate Professor

Virginia Commonwealth University Health and School of Medicine

MRI Online Genitourinary Faculty

Mahan Mathur, MD

Associate Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging

Vice Chair for Education, Radiology & Biomedical Imaging

Yale School of Medicine

Kathryn McGillen, MD

Assistant Professor of Radiology

Medical Director of Ultrasound

Penn State University Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

Stephen J. Pomeranz, MD

Chief Medical Officer

ProScan Imaging

Founder, MRI Online

What’s included in the MRI Online Course Library?

GU Imaging Library Access

$750 / Year

Full Radiology Library Access

$1500 / Year

Mastery Series Microlearning Videos

Learn from the world's best radiologists with interactive video courses. Watch expert-led lectures and case reviews from anywhere with short, bite-sized videos designed to fit into your busy life.

9+ Genitourinary Imaging Courses (20+ hrs)

100+ Courses Across all Radiology Subspecialties

High-Yield Cases and Scrollable DICOMS 

Get hands-on practice with fully scrollable DICOM images to improve your skills and build your confidence. Simulate your workstation from anywhere with our web-based viewer. 



Expert Case Reviews

Take your case interpretation skills to a higher level with these on-demand case reviews. Follow along with fully scrollable DICOM images as expert readers go through a series of in-depth cases.



Case Challenge Quizzes

Test your case review speed and accuracy with case quizzes that include full DICOM files to scroll through and real-world reports used for each case.

110 quizzes

569 quizzes

Bonus Learning Resources

Access to MRI Protocols by vendor and imaging category, digital textbooks, presentation slides, On-Demand Conferences and more.




Earn AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ and SA-CME credits while you learn to help you meet your CME requirements for ABR and state license and credentialing.

75+ credits

Unlimited credits

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GU Imaging Library Access

$750 / Year

Full Radiology Library Access

$1500 / Year


Here's what customers have to say about our Prostate and GU Imaging Library Courses

"This is the best concise presentation for introducing prostate imaging I have encountered. After finishing the 5 hours any radiologist should be able to begin interpreting prostate MRI."

Dr. Michael Ryan

"Very useful course; supported my checklist and approach for each type of renal lesions. Ultrasound was really beneficial."

Dr. Sherif S.

"The course highly improved my reading and reporting prostate MRI and the topics are very well organized. The course covered all the essential aspects from anatomy through the different aspects of identifying the pathology and pitfalls. I felt at the end to be able to diagnose with great confidence most prostate cancer."

Dr. Abdul Ghafour Al Ansari

"Excellent lectures rich of practical information. Good cases with good interpretation of uterine abnormality. Differentiation between different ovarian masses in a very good, detailed and professional style."

Dr. Nawal Al Khafagi

"Good explanation of how imaging findings change management, and what is important to surgeons."

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