24-year-old male athlete - Continuing the search

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Stepped on another player’s foot and felt a pop in the ankle.

Long- and short-axis fat- and water-weighted images were performed.  1.5T High Field Oval.

  • Effusion and hemarthrosis. 
  • Anterior talofibular ligament ruptured. 
  • Calcaneofibular ligament ruptured. 
  • Posterior talofibular ligament swollen but intact. 
  • High ankle and syndesmosis normal. 
  • Peroneal retinaculum torn. 
  • Peroneus longus and brevis normal. 
  • Medial tendon group normal. 
  • Anterior tendon group normal. 
  • Posterior tendon group normal. 
  • Subtalar ligaments abnormal:   
    • Talocalcaneal interosseous ligament intact. 
    • Cervical ligament ruptured. 
    • Inferolateral retinaculum or stem ligament torn. 
  • Skeleton:
    • No fractures no OCDs and large os trigonum. 
  • Soft Tissues:
    • Large anterolateral hematoma with soft tissue swelling. 

Two part ankle sprain / rupture low ankle. High ankle spared. Hematoma. Subtalar ligamentous injury involving cervical and inferolateral ligamentous complex.

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