49-year-old male anterior elbow pain

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  • 49-year-old male complaining of anterior elbow pain since carrying heavy objects on 08/26/2016
  • Long- and short-axis fat- and water-weighted sequences were performed
  • The bones are in anatomic alignment. Irregularity of the radial tuberosity noted associated with adjacent osteoedema consistent with avulsion fracture.
  • Complete rupture of the biceps tendon noted with retraction to the level of the coronoid process. Moderate surrounding hemorrhagic tenosynovitis noted.
  • The brachialis and triceps tendons are intact.
  • The common flexor and extensor tendons are without abnormality.
  • The radial and ulnar collateral ligaments are intact.
  • The muscles about the elbow are intact without evidence of hemorrhage tear or strain.
  • No soft tissue mass.
  • Avulsion fracture of the radial tuberosity with complete rupture of the biceps tendon retracted to approximately the level of the coronoid process associated with moderate surrounding hemorrhagic tenosynovitis

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