14-year-old male adult patient with medial elbow pain

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Elbow avulsion/? UCL.

Long- and short-axis fat- and water-weighted images were performed. 

  • With a small flake of bone involving the sublime tubercle of the coronoid process is a tear of the distal UCL. Degree of diastasis is guesstimated at 3mm. Proximal UCL and medial apophysis normal. 
  • LCL: Normal. 
  • Conformity: Normal. 
  • Skeleton: Normal. 
  • Soft Tissues: Normal. 
  • Triceps and Biceps: Normal. 
  • Extensors: Normal.

Distal avulsion tear of the ulnar collateral ligament as suspected and also a tiny or miniscule flake of cortical bone may have come with it.

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