23-year-old professional football player injured during game

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Dislocated with closed reduction medial elbow pain and swelling.

Long- and short-axis fat- and water-weighted images were performed. 

  • The triceps and biceps brachii are intact but the brachialis and anterior capsule are torn. 
  • The brachial artery and median nerve are normal. 
  • The medial collateral ligament anterior bundle is ruptured mid to proximal. If there is coronoid injury it would be in the form of an occult or hidden chip fracture. The posterior and transverse bundles of the UCL are injured/torn. 
  • Diffuse swelling and small interstitial injuries of the flexor pronator mass are present but the origin of the mass remains attached. 
  • The origin of the extensor mechanism remains intact. 
  • The radial collateral ligament is intact but the LUCL (lateral ulnar collateral ligament) is torn at its origin. 
  • Microtrabecular fracture of the posterolateral femoral humeral condyle. 
  • The ulnar nerve is swollen at its origin is noted. 
  • The radial nerve and tunnel are unremarkable. 
  • The gap of the brachialis tear is 3.29cm.

Valgus dislocation event with MCL rupture completely involving the anterior band; lateral ulnar collateral ligament origin tear; brachialis and capsular tear likely involving both superficial and deep heads of the brachialis; median nerve swelling; rupture of the root of the cubital tunnel likely contributes to median nerve swelling; injured origin of the extensor digitorum profundus.

Related Diagnoses

Diagnosis Definitions

Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) tear

Brachialis tear, Capsular tear, Cubital tunnel rupture, Musculoskeletal (MSK), UCL tear,

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