43-year-old female with mass in hand

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Mass in the right hand increasing in size with pain.

Long- and short-axis fat- and water-weighted images were obtained before and after contrast administration. 10cc of Optimark injected per imaging site. 

  • A mass is identified deep to the superficial retinaculum and measuring 2.5cm in transverse dimension 1.2cm in anteroposterior dimension and approximately 2cm in proximal to distal extent. 
  • The mass lies just superficial to the flexor indices tendon group and is located between it and the flexor pollicis. 
  • The mass is distal to the carpal tunnel space and is aligned with the proximal to midportion of the 2nd / 3rd metacarpal in terms of proximal distal position. 
  • Given the mass’s speckled appearance enhancement characteristics and close relationship to branches of the median nerve a median nerve or adductor branch of the median nerve schwannoma is strongly favored.

Adductor branch of median nerve schwannoma with dimensions given in the body of the report.

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