17-year-old male with "torque" like injury

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Hip injury right initial encounter.

Scout t2 fs/t1 cor t2 axi t2 sag cor pd fs t2 axo obl. 

  • No macrofracture. No pelvic mass or adenopathy. Normal marrow signal within the lumbosacral junction and SI joints. 
  • Small right hip joint effusion. Small left hip joint effusion. Nominal broadening of the femoral head and neck angles bilaterally worrisome for underlying mechanical impingement. Chondral labral signal asymmetry in the left hip coronal series. 
  • Dominant hemorrhagic lesion in the potential space between the gluteus minimus and gluteus maximus longitudinal diameter 11.8cm short axis 5.8 x 2.9cm Morel-Lavallee injury extending both superior and inferior to the trochanteric margin deep to the gluteus IT band junction with regional partial tear and strain of the gluteus maximus muscle. Gluteus medius fibers attach normally onto the greater tuberosity is demonstrated on the sagittal T2 series data set posterior middle and anterior branches anterior gluteus minimus insertion intact. 
  • Normal origin hamstring at the hamstring tendons posteriorly. Normal signal within anterior and adductor muscle group bilaterally. 
  • Symmetric appearance of the sciatic nerve. Separate from the dominant shear injury of the right abductor group.
  • Dominant Morel-Lavallee lesion with longitudinal fluid signal diameter of 12cm.  Post shear injury fluid collection bordering the potential space gluteus maximus lateral margin gluteus minimus with associated intramuscular edema of the gluteus maximus low/ intermediate-grade muscle strain. 
  • Chondral labral signal asymmetry in the left hip coronal series. Visual loss of normal sphericity of the femoral head and neck angle to suggest a component of dysplasia or increased risk for cam subtype mechanical impingement. 
  • No subperiosteal avulsion injury.

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