76-year-old male with severe hip pain

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Chronic right hip pain possible stress fracture.

Long- and short-axis fat- and water-weighted images were performed. 

  • No macrofracture.  Horizontal hairline fracture of the femoral neck.  
  • Prostate enlargement. Bilateral hydroceles noted. No pelvic adenopathy. 
  • Moderate right hip joint effusion small left hip joint effusion. Right hip demonstrates severe weightbearing and posterior surface chondromalacia. Diffuse osseous edema within the proximal head and neck of the femur extends for 5.7cm. Delicate hairline fracture of high intraarticular femoral neck with osteo-edema. 
  • Subchondral osseous edema in the contralateral left hip extends for 18mm. Right hip surface articular chondral irregularity. Chronic anterior superior labral tear without paralabral cyst. Subchondral osseous edema medial acetabulum. Right ligamentum teres is disrupted. 
  • No mass. No iliopsoas bursal cyst. Trochanteric insertional tendinosis. 

Delicate hairline fracture of high intraarticular femoral neck with osteo-edema. 

  • Subtle transcervical fracture of the right femoral neck.  Advanced osteoarthritis with right femur moderate-severe subchondral edema cartilage loss disrupted ligamentum teres and chronic superior labral tear. Moderate ipsilateral joint effusion. 
  • Moderate contralateral left hip weightbearing osteoedema with small joint effusion. 
  • Prostate enlargement. Bilateral hydroceles.

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