25-year-old male pain when swinging arm

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Shoulder pain injured while swinging the arm. 

Long- and short-axis fat- and water-weighted images were performed. 

  • Rotator Cuff:
    • No evidence of tear partial or full-thickness. 
  • AC Joint:
    • Mildly inflamed but no arthropathic. Small amount of capsular fluid. 
  • Arches:
    • Scant bursal fluid in the subacromial arch. 
  • Medial Arch:
    • Unremarkable. 
  • Coracoid Arch:
    • Unremarkable. 
  • Articular:
    • Capsular fluid increased although still mild. 
    • Posterior synechiae. 
  • Articular/Glenoid:
    • Equivocal or subtended pattern of edema in the posterosuperior humeral head without deformity is associated with a partial rim tear as either glenoid articulation rim divot and/or glenolabral articular disruption so called partial undersurface rim tear. No labral displacement identified. 
    • Superior and inferior labra are unremarkable. Other differential diagnosis for a partial tear would be a Perthes-type lesion. 
  • Superior Glenohumeral Ligament:
    • Normal. 
  • Middle Glenohumeral Ligament:
    • Suspect insertional sprain. 
  • Inferior Glenohumeral Ligament:
    • Normal. 
  • Coracoclavicular Ligaments:
    • Normal. 
  • Rotator Intervals:
    • Normal. 
  • Muscles:
    • Normal. 
  • Nonvascular Bundle:
    • Normal. 

Extremely subtle pattern of capsular effusion/fluid partial nondisplaced labral injury as either a combination of GLAD and/or GARD lesion versus Perthes lesion. Please see the body of the report for additional pertinent negative findings on the accompanying and closed montage.

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