68-year-old male golfer with pain for a month

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Pain for one month with limited range of motion.

Long- and short-axis fat- and water-weighted images were performed. 

  • Rotator cuff:
    • Supraspinatus tendinopathy. Infraspinatus tendinopathy. Subscapularis tendinopathy and small interstitial tear as it approaches a tendinotic biceps which itself demonstrates a small interstitial tear as it transitions from an extra- to intraarticular position. Teres unremarkable. Coracohumeral ligament intact. 
  • Glenohumeral:
    • Markedly abnormal. Conformity change. Humeral head posterior sagging and capsular laxity with posterior glenohumeral insufficiency syndrome. Multifocal degenerative slit-like tear circumferential. Resultant paralabral pseudocyst arising from chronic labral tear projecting laterally as well as superomedially over the spinoglenoid rim into the suprascapular notch and penetrating bone. Glenohumeral arthrosis with goat-beard-type deformity and spur projecting inferiorly. Flat glenoid cup. 
  • Bone marrow:
    • Pseudocysts and erosions. No masses. 
  • Arches:
    • Mild hypertrophic and mildly inflamed AC joint for age. Lateral arch patent with mild hypertrophy of the CAL. Coracoid arch widely patent. 
  • Muscles and soft tissues:
    • Mild atrophy only. No fatty infiltration. 
  • Axilla and neurovascular bundle:
    • Normal.

Myriad of findings dominated by glenohumeral arthrosis and chronic degenerative labral tears throughout punctuated by saddlebag-like both medially and laterally projecting paralabral pseudocyst of labral origin  in the accompanying montage with a myriad of additional findings described in the body of the report but no signs of rotator cuff tear.

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