49-year-old male weightlifter experiencing instability

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Decreased range of motion for one year aggravated by weight lifting.

Long- and short-axis fat- and water-weighted images were performed. 

  • Rotator cuff:
    • Intact. No tear identified. 
  • AC joint:
    • Hypertrophic with little active inflammation. Small erosions and superior spurs of moderate size consistent with the AC joint of a weight lifter. 
  • Labra:
    • Anteroinferior chronic nondislocation-type labral tear with intra- and paralabral miniscule pseudocyst formation. 
    • Superior labrum intact. 
    • Some inferior and inferoposterior extension with small paralabral pseudocysts in the posteroinferior quadrant. 
  • Articular:
    • Glenoid class 3 chondromalacia without penetration into the subchondral plate. 
  • Muscle size:
    • Normal. No fatty infiltration. 
  • Soft tissue masses:
    • None. 
  • Capsule:
    • Inflamed with effusion 1 plus. 
  • Biceps and labral anchor complex:
    • Intact. 
  • Entrapment neuropathy and axillary space:
    • Normal. 

Labral tear anteromid/inferior and inferoposterior with small multifocal paralabral pseudocysts having the configuration of an upside down SLAP lesion but nondislocation type of labral tear most likely related to chronic repetitive activity.

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