58-year-old female presents with deteriorating jaw right-sided grinding and pain

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58-year-old woman who presents with deteriorating jaw with right-sided TMJ grinding and pain for the past year. No history of prior surgery. Patient has history of prior breast cancer. Follow-up surgery scheduled.

Open- and closed-mouth views were obtained for evaluation of the condylomeniscal complex predominantly relying on morphologic T1 images on 1.5T High Field Oval.

    • On the open- and closed-mouth views of the right temporomandibular joint limited translation of the mandibular condyle with partial lock and advanced arthrosis. In addition meniscus is ruptured with effusion within the upper and lower compartments. 
    • Mandibular condyle is remodeled and the articular eminence is flattened. 
    • Condyle and temporal components are within normal limits. Disc is normally position in the closed- and open-mouth positions. Disc is not definitively or grossly deformed. There is no joint effusion. Visualized osseous structures are normal in appearance. Surrounding soft tissues appear normal.
    • No gross abnormalities are present within the brain parenchyma. No visualized deep space parapharyngeal masticator space masses. Visualized muscles of mastication appear symmetric and intact. Visualized parotid glands are unremarkable.
  • Right temporomandibular joint arthrosis with partial lock ruptured disc with superior/inferior compartment effusion remodeled mandibular condyle and flattened articular eminence.
  • Normal appearance of the left temporomandibular joint.

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