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Mastery Series

Advanced Dementia Imaging (MRI, AI, & PET)

Content Reviewed: 2022-09-01

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1.75 CME

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36 Clinical Cases

1.75 CME

Course Description

Join Dr. Suzie Bash (Medical Director of Neuroradiology at RadNet SFI) as she reviews the critical role that Dementia imaging plays in diagnostic accuracy and its enhanced clinical value when evaluating patients with dementia.

This course will walk you through Dr. Bash’s multi-modal imaging approach and workup of Dementia, including specific imaging patterns seen on MRI and PET imaging (FDG, Amyloid, Tau) and use of quantitative volumetric imaging AI software. Specific diagnoses include:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)
  • Vascular Dementia
  • Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy with Inflammation (CAARI)
  • …and more!

Dr. Bash also shows imaging data from the clinical trials of aducanumab, a disease modifying therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease, and highlights important imaging considerations in ongoing monitoring, including use of MRI for the detection of treatment-related ARIA (amyloid related imaging abnormalities).

Dr. Bash will instruct with real-world cases and reports using the products available to her in her practice. Some imaging was obtained through her involvement in research studies. Other products may be available to you and should also be considered.

Optimize your learning:

  • Test Yourself Before starting the video, launch the DICOM study and complete your independent review of the case in our diagnostic web viewer.
  • Review at your own pace – Reminder to utilize the video player features to speed up or slow down the video, pause or rewind to best fit your available time and learning needs.
  • Read alongside Dr. Bash – Keep the DICOM study open while you watch Dr. Bash review the cases. We suggest popping the DICOM viewer open in a new window and viewing side by side with the video on your screen.

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Course Instructor: Suzie Bash, MD NeuroImaging Advisor: David M. Yousem, MBA, MD Dr. Suzie Bash provides an in-depth review of her multi-modal approach and workup of Dementia imaging, including use of MRI, Quantitative Volumetric Imaging, and PET Imaging.

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  • Apply appropriate search patterns to ensure high quality case assessment 
  • Identify key anatomical landmarks, variations, and abnormalities on imaging
  • Accurately interpret advanced imaging cases
  • Formulate definitive diagnoses and limited differentials
  • Instructors

    Suzie Bash, MD

    Medical Director of Neuroradiology

    San Fernando Valley Interventional Radiology & Imaging (SFI), RadNet


    David M Yousem, MD, MBA

    Professor of Radiology, Vice Chairman and Associate Dean

    Johns Hopkins University


    Pre-Course Activities

    2 Clinical Cases

    4 min.

    Watch this case review for free!

    5 m.


    Sample Lesson

    2 min.


    Final Summary

    Course Evaluation

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