MRI Mastery Series: Brain Anatomy

Arguably one of the most important tools a radiologist can keep in their toolbox is a solid understanding of the anatomy present on a scan.
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In MRI Mastery Series: Brain Anatomy, we bring that crucial skill to the front – identifying important landmarks, examining morphologic relationships and discussing their relevance. The first segment in this series focuses on surface anatomy, sulci and gyri. The second series examines each of the cranial nerves. Some of the features discussed include:

  • Sylvian Fissure
  • Middle Frontal Gyrus
  • Inferior Parietal Lobe
  • Pars Marginalis
  • Parieto-occipital Sulcus
  • Cerebellar Vermis
  • Cranial Nerves 1-12
  • and more…

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Instructor Dr. Stephen J. Pomeranz
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“I really enjoy this teaching format over the standard lecture. Looking at cases cold is so much more effective than watching someone show you pictures for hours. I love it.”

Dr. Derek Archer
Toronto, Canada

“The material is amazing. The best I have ever seen. Really advanced, yet explained in a simple way”

Dr. Miguel Nogueira
Porto, Portugal

“I believe you are a revolutionary organization that is positively disrupting the way we train future MRI radiologists. Well done.”

Dr. Rocki Doss
Perth, Australia