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Mastery Series

Stroke Imaging (CT and MR)

Content Reviewed: 2022-11-02

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Course Description

Stroke is the 5th leading cause of death and a large contributor to morbidity and mortality globally, but if recognized early, we can reduce these rates with intravenous tissue plasminogen activator (IV tPA) and thrombectomy. Take this course to improve your ability to recognize imaging signs of stroke and stroke mimics and improve patient care.

Join Dr. Pamela Schaefer (Massachusetts General Hospital) as she provides a comprehensive review of normal cerebrovascular anatomy, the protocols and indications for the various modalities in stroke imaging, and the major stroke territories and the clinical syndromes produced by strokes.

Dr. Schaefer also breaks down the concept of core and penumbra, how to identify candidates for treatment as soon as possible, stroke mimics and other causes of restricted diffusion, and how to differentiate subacute stroke from venous infarction and tumor.

This course will walk you through Dr. Schaefer’s imaging approach to stroke and stroke mimics, including specific imaging patterns seen on noncontrast CT, CTA, CT perfusion, MRI, MR Perfusion, and MRA (including vessel wall imaging). Specific diagnoses include:

  • MCA and PCA Strokes
  • Subacute stroke
  • Atheromatous Disease with Severe ICA Stenosis 
  • Embolic stroke with ICA dissection
  • Basilar tip thrombus
  • CT Perfusion with core penumbra match & mismatch
  • MR Perfusion with target mismatch
  • Multifocal strokes with no vascular abnormality 
  • Global ischemia & hypoxia
  • Stroke mimics like seizure, MELAS, herpes virus (HSV) encephalitis , hypoglycemia, and brain metastases
  • …and more!

Optimize your learning:

  • Test Yourself Before starting the video, launch the DICOM study and complete your independent review of the case in our diagnostic web viewer.
  • Review at your own pace – Reminder to utilize the video player features to speed up or slow down the video, pause or rewind to best fit your available time and learning needs.
  • Read alongside Dr. Schaefer Keep the DICOM study open while you watch Dr. Schaefer review the cases. We suggest popping the DICOM viewer open in a new window and viewing side by side with the video on your screen. 

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What your colleagues liked about this course:

  • “Excellent overview of stroke and its mimics. Worth the subscription!!!”
  • “I loved the numerous cases and scrolling through the images. I felt like I was learning from a master right at the view box.”
  • “I liked Dr. Schaefer’s mastery of the material and mixed didactic and case based approach.”

Dr. Pamela Schaefer (Massachusetts General Hospital) provides an in-depth review of her imaging approach to evaluating stroke and stroke mimics on noncontrast CT, CTA, CT Perfusion, MRI, MRA, and MR Perfusion.

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  • Apply appropriate search patterns to ensure high quality case assessment 
  • Identify key anatomical landmarks, variations, and abnormalities on imaging
  • Accurately interpret advanced imaging cases
  • Formulate definitive diagnoses and limited differentials
  • Instructors

    Pamela W Schaefer, MD, FACR

    Professor of Radiology, Vice Chair of Education

    Massachusetts General Hospital


    David M Yousem, MD, MBA

    Professor of Radiology, Vice Chairman and Associate Dean

    Johns Hopkins University


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