Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tear

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  • Most commonly injured of the major knee ligaments
  • Seen in athletes and nonathletes
  • ACL is a stabilizer of the knee that resists anterior translation and secondarily resists varus and valgus forces
  • Patients with ACL injury have variable knee instability that may limit even ordinary daily activities
  • Long-term morbidity is common with sequelae including osteoarthritis and secondary meniscal tears
  • Routine knee MRI includes sagittal, coronal, and axial planes combined with fluid-sensitive fat-suppressed and non-fat-suppressed pulse sequences without contrast; field of view includes the suprapatellar recess at the superior extent and the proximal tibiofibular joint at the distal extent
  • Acutely, edema (high T2 signal) and fragments of torn ACL may be seen
  • Chronically, ACL may be absent, replaced by fat and scar tissue
  • Incomplete tears seen as partial discontinuity or focal high T2 signal
  • In sports-related ACL injuries, bone bruises are common in posterior tibia and anterior portion of medial femoral condyle
  • Cartilage and osteochondral defects are common, especially along the posterior tibia
    Mucoid degeneration, more common in older age groups, may resemble low-grade ACL tears with high T2 signal within its substance
  • Mucoid degeneration most commonly occurs along entire central portion of ligament; partial ACL tears tend to involve the periphery and be more focal
  • T2 Sag Oblique best for acute injuries
  • Sag Oblique PD Fat-Sat best for chronic tears (T2 Sag Oblique may show scar mimicking intact ligament)
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