Optic Neuritis (ON)

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  • Optic neuritis (ON) is classically a demyelinating process of the optic nerve, presenting as orbital pain, decreased vision or dyschromatopsia (change in color perception) that progresses over several days
  • Of patients presenting with ON, 40% are eventually diagnosed with multiple sclerosis
  • In the setting of neuromyelitis optica (which affects the optic nerve and spinal cord), the ON changes are often bilateral  
  • On T2-weighted MR images, the optic nerve will be asymmetrically bright and may be mildly enlarged
  • T1 post-contrast imaging will show enhancement of the nerve
  • In the chronic phase, the nerve will atrophy, best demonstrated on thin-section fluid sensitive sequences
  • In the presence of ON, it is important to evaluate the brain for lesions disseminated in space (i.e., separate lesions in the subcortical, juxtacortical, and infratentorial brain/spinal cord) and time (i.e., enhancing and nonenhancing lesions) according to the revised McDonald Criteria for multiple sclerosis
  • Differential considerations for ON include optic nerve glioma (marked enlargement of the nerve) and optic nerve sheath meningioma (calcification and thickened enhancement of the nerve sheath but a normal nerve)
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