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  • A Cholesteatoma is a central collection of desquamated keratinized cells bound by a thin layer of squamous epithelial cells
  • Generally an acquired lesion in the setting of chronic otitis media and uncommonly a congenital lesion
  • Most common site is the lateral epitympanum (Prussak space is a sub-site), associated with the pars flaccida of the tympanic membrane
  • Locally destructive lesion that erodes bone/ossicles, presenting with conductive hearing loss and ear drainage
  • The findings of a cholesteatomas on CT is most typically soft tissue in the lateral epitympanic space (which includes Prussak space)
  • On T2-weighted MR images, Cholesteatomas are hyperintense
  • On T1 pre-contrast images, cholesteatomas are typically hypointense; which helps to distinguish them from cholesterol granulomas
  • T1 post-contrast images may show a thin rim of enhancement, however, no central enhancement should be seen
  • DWI images, key for identification, show central restricted diffusion; nonecho planar diffusion-weighted imaging (such as HASTE) has improved sensitivity over conventional DWI because of proximity to air in mastoid/middle ear
  • Differential considerations include cholesterol granuloma (T1 bright and will not restrict diffusion), paraganglioma, and vascular malformation (will enhance)
  • Look for bone destruction on temporal bone CT and restriction on HASTE diffusion
  • Can also occur in the mastoid air cells and petrous apex
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