Distal Biceps Tendon Tear (DBTT)

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  • Most biceps tendon ruptures are proximal at the shoulder; distal biceps tendon tears (DBTT) at the elbow account for 3-5% of biceps injuries
  • DBTT can occur in football players and weightlifters, at or near the tendon’s insertion onto the radial tuberosity resulting from forced hyperextension of flexed and supinated arm
  • MR imaging is performed in the axial plane with the arm extended, and in the longitudinal plane with the patient lying prone with the arm overhead, the elbow flexed to 90°, and the forearm supinated, so that the thumb points superiorly (FABS—flexed elbow, abducted shoulder, forearm supinated)
  • In complete tears, MRI shows discontinuity with or without retraction (best seen on longitudinal FABS); the proximal tendon is enlarged with high signal
  • Partial tears are seen as an increase in caliber and abnormal contour with high intratendinous signal
  • High signal T2 peritendinous fluid (edema, bursitis, or hemorrhage) may be seen
  • If the bicipital aponeurosis is intact (best seen on axial view), there may be no tendon retraction
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