Meningioma (Brain)

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  • Meningioma is the most common primary brain tumor; it arises from the meninges, grows slowly, and is often found incidentally on CT or MR imaging
  • 95% of Meningiomas are benign and 5-15% are multiple, especially in patients with neurofibromatosis type 2
  • The incidence is greater in women and in patients over age 60
  • Meningiomas can become quite large and result in bony changes of hyperostosis, permeative destructive changes, or erosion
  • Meningiomas typically appear as lobular, extra axial masses with well-circumscribed margins
  • They typically have a broad-based dural attachment and, if sufficiently large, inward displacement of the cortical grey matter
  • On MRI, meningiomas are typically isointense to slightly hypointense relative to grey matter on the T1-weighted sequence and isointense to slightly hyperintense relative to grey matter on T2
  • Meningiomas typically demonstrate avid, homogeneous contrast enhancement
  • The differential diagnosis of intracranial meningioma includes esthesioneuroblastoma, sinonasal undifferentiated tumor, osteoma, metastasis, hemangioma, and fibrous dysplasia
  • Meningiomas located at the skull base have the potential to encase the carotid arteries and cause luminal narrowing; however, cerebrovascular insufficiency is exceedingly rare
  • Extra axial location is suggested by the presence of a CSF cleft between the tumor and the underlying brain cortex
  • Calcification is typically best demonstrated on CT, with variable reported rates of occurrence
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