Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) Tear

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  • PCL tears are most commonly due to sports-related trauma and impaction of a flexed knee on a dashboard in motor vehicle accidents
  • The PCL acts as the primary restraint to posterior tibial translation
  • Up to 70% of PCL tears are associated with other ligamentous injuries with posterolateral corner injuries being the most common
  • The PCL consists of anterolateral and posteromedial bundles
  • The PCL is normally seen on MR as a well defined continuous band of low signal intensity
  • Partial thickness tears appear as ligament thickening and intrasubstance increased signal
  • Complete tears are seen as ligamentous disruption and have an abnormal contour
  • An anteroposterior PCL measurement of 7mm (vertical portion) on T2 weighted imaging is strongly suggestive of a PCL tear
  • May be associated with tibial avulsion fracture at the PCL insertion site, posterolateral corner injuries and microtrabecular injury to the anterior tibial plateau and posterior femoral condyle
  • Hyperextension injuries are commonly associated with avulsion at the tibial attachment
  • The presence of associated ligamentous and/or meniscal injuries is usually an indication for surgical rather than conservative management
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