Vertebral Discitis-osteomyelitis (VDO)

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  • Vertebral discitis-osteomyelitis (VDO) is a continuum of disease, with both entities occurring at different times based on the age of the patient; disc infection happens first in young children, while osteomyelitis of the end plates occurs first in adults
  • Most cases are caused by arterial hematogenous spread of infection; other causes include penetrating trauma, direct extension of infection, or interventional procedures
  • In developed countries, Staphylococcus aureus is the most common infectious agent; worldwide, the most common agent is tuberculosis (Pott disease)
  • VDO is more common in older patients and those with a history of intravenous drug abuse, compromised immune system, chronic alcoholism or steroid use, and diabetes
  • MRI is the imaging study of choice and is more sensitive and specific than nuclear scintigraphy
  • T1-weighted MR images of acute pyogenic VDO show hypointense signal of irregular and ill-defined end plates, adjacent vertebral bodies, and the infected disc, with corresponding irregular T2 hyperintense signal
  • STIR imaging, which nulls out the signal from marrow fat, best shows T2 changes
  • The disc and affected end plates enhance with contrast
  • Irregularity of the endplates will distinguish VDO from Modic type 1 degenerative changes
  • MR imaging findings often lag behind early clinical signs of VDO and it’s resolution after treatment
  • Extraosseous spread can extend into the paraspinal tissues, the epidural space, and the surrounding musculature, with abscess formation
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